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Health Services

Maximus in the UK provide occupational health services to government and private clients; we support our clients to keep their employees healthy and happy. We are a leading provider of occupational health and wellbeing services, supporting 2.25 million employees. We have a team of 250 clinicians and a nationwide network of clinics. 

We help corporations identify the risks their employees face, put measures in place to reduce risk, and monitor ongoing wellbeing performance. We offer a range of market-leading, evidence-based health assessments delivered by highly skilled and experienced nurses and doctors. 

Maximus in the UK helps employers develop their knowledge and confidence to support colleagues and customers with disabilities and health conditions, which in turn helps them to improve workplace wellbeing. We deliver online and face-to-face training that can be tailored to company need.

To further embed wellbeing across a workforce, we can leverage our health coaches. Our highly trained coaches inspire employees to adopt healthier choices, and design, manage and deliver customised wellbeing events and activities to promote health and integrate a positive, healthy lifestyle into the culture of an organisation.

Additionally, we offer a full range of private medical services, including General Practice consultations, travel health appointments, and vaccinations.