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Employment Services

Since 2012, Maximus has delivered employment services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and now has more than 350 female and male staff across 28 sites. We are a national workforce services provider, providing job seekers across KSA with high-quality employment-focused training and matching them to vacancies. Core services delivered under these contracts include:

  • Jobseeker Engagement: We conduct marketing and outreach campaigns to engage job seekers in our program – 70% of our current referrals in KSA come via this route.
  • Assessment and Action Planning: Maximus operates a contact center facility to support eligibility checks and onboarding of job seekers. Our staff uses a range of tools and techniques with job seekers to identify job and career goals, needs, skills, barriers, strengths, and weaknesses. We use this to establish action plans and develop backward career plans.
  • Case Management and Job Placement: We use a CRM system to help manage large volumes of job seekers and track them along their journey to find, start, and sustain work.
  • Employer Engagement: We help connect employers with well-prepared and motivated job seekers with the right skills by understanding the employers’ business needs. We have worked with over 18,000 employers in KSA and maintain strong relationships to meet program goals.
  • In-work Support: We continue to provide support to employers once a job seeker has found work to help the employer achieve sustainment outcomes.